A £212.00 HAND-OUT

Everyone is entitled to earn a certain amount tax-free every year. It is called the Personal Allowance. From 5 April that amount will be £10,600. But what if you don’t work or you only work [...]

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Getting VAT Back on Meals

Some people have the mistaken impression that you cannot get any VAT back on meals.  That is because you cannot get the VAT back on entertaining UK clients. However this restriction does not apply to [...]

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Say What?

Every type of work or business has its own form of jargon.  Accountancy is particularly bad in this area. A typical set of accounts will include expressions such as Gross Profit, depreciation, fixed assets, debtors, [...]

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One of the most frustrating experiences in a business is not getting paid.  But how do you spot the customers who are going to do the dirty on you?  Many small businesses are too informal [...]

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