Seeing as we have a brand new name, we thought it was as good a time as any to tell you the story behind our original name.

Back in 2004, Tamara, Susy and Maurice decided to join together to set up a new style of accountancy practice with the emphasis on providing a comprehensive service at a reasonable price. They had all previously worked in practices where they felt the focus was too much on time sheets and not in the best interests of the client. Coming up with the concept for the business was easy for them but choosing a name was to prove more tricky.

So they put their three accountancy heads together and, after much deliberation, came up with the name Project 3M; the number referring to the three of them and the letter M representing the initials for Mara (short for Tamara), Mum (Susy is Tamara’s mother) and Maurice.

But, having settled on the name, they realised they couldn’t actually go ahead with it due to trademark issues. So 3M swiftly became 4M and then Tamara, who was on maternity leave at the time, hit on the idea that there was a whole network of new mums out there who didn’t want to return to their full-time jobs and whose accounting expertise they could tap into. So they replaced ‘Project’ for ‘Network’ and Network 4M was born.

They say that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and, as we enter our thirteenth year, in true teenager style, we have decided it’s time for a change of image. We didn’t find it so difficult to come up with a new name this time round. We wanted to keep 4M so that people still know it’s us but we decided to swap ‘Network’ for ‘Accountancy’ so there is absolutely no mistaking what we do.

This name is now for keeps and we look forward to the next exciting chapter of our journey as 4M Accountancy!